What is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck

Correction of sagging abdominal skin is a procedure that improves the appearance of the abdomen in patients who have a problem with excess skin and adipose tissue and abdominal wall laxity.

Patients come to Džepina Clinic for abdominoplasty because it is the only effective method of dealing with excess abdominal skin and fat tissue, and correction of separated abdominal wall muscles. After consultation, physical examination and analysis of medical history, Dr. Džepina will recommend the best method in order to achieve beautifully contoured and flat abdomen. Dr. Džepina will inform the patient with all details concerning this type of surgery. It is very important that the patients have all the relevant information about the preoperative procedure, postoperative care and the course of the operation. Dr Džepina may recommend other surgical procedures to complement abdominoplasty in order to achieve the best possible result.

Aesthetic correction of the abdominal wall or abdominoplasty restores self-confidence to patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their abdomen.

Abdominoplasty procedure

The operation to correct excess skin and fat tissue of the abdominal wall is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts from two to three hours. Different techniques for performing abdominoplasty are practiced In Džepina Clinic. Which method is chosen depends on the doctor’s assessment for each individual case in order to achieve the best result.

To remove excess fat tissue and skin a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen is made, extending from one hipbone to the other. Although the required incision is significant, it is strategically positioned in an area that can be easily concealed by underwear or a bathing suit. Excess skin is eliminated before repairing the damaged abdominal muscles, using internal sutures to create a firm abdominal profile and to hold the restored stomach muscles in place. Remaining skin then pulled the taut and navel (belly button) is repositioned to align with the new contour of the abdomen. The incision is closed with stitches and dressed with bandages. Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks is frequently performed at the time of tummy tuck surgery to enhance the result further.

For patients who have had a caesarean section, Dr. Džepina makes sure that the existing scar is excised together with excess abdominal skin. Patients who opt for liposuction of adipose tissue from the abdomen, may also choose correction of sagging skin, because after the removal of a larger amount of adipose tissue, excess skin remains. The advantage of this procedure is that it also solves the problem of stretch marks on the part of the abdomen that is being corrected.

Who are the candidates for the correction of sagging abdominal skin

The best candidates for a tummy tuck are in good physical condition with pockets of fat or loose skin that haven’t responded well to traditional diet and exercise. This procedure can also benefit older, slightly obese people whose skin has lost some of its elasticity. Tummy tucks can also be useful for women with stretched skin and muscles from pregnancy.

Patients in Džepina Clinic that choose abdominoplasty are younger and middle-aged persons who have a problem with sagging skin due to large changes in weight, pregnancy, caesarean section, ageing or a natural tendency to accumulate excess fat in the abdomen. Candidates who are not for this type of procedure are those who plan to lose a lot of weight, want a pregnancy in the future, have chronic heart disease or diabetes, smoke, have a significant excess hernia or have had previous surgery in the area that left too much scar.

Recovery after abdominoplasty

Each patient has a different ability to recover and to heal so the recovery time also varies, as does the visibility of the scar which fades over time. Return to regular activities is possible after 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the patient’s recovery status and type of activity. The results of the operation are visible immediately, but the final result is visible in a couple of months when all the swelling disappears.

Some welling and bruising is normal in the early postoperative period. Pain medication is recommended for patients who are in pain, and after the operation Dr. Džepina may prescribe medication to thin the blood shortly after the operation. Patients walk as early as the first day after surgery to prevent clots from forming. During the six weeks of postoperative recovery, a compression garment is worn that supports the operated area, facilitates recovery and helps to achieve the final result of the operation. Particular care should be taken at an early stage when moving in order for the incision to heal properly. Sutures can be removed at the earliest after 10 days, depending on the healing process. Patients after cosmetic surgery for sagging abdominal skin may receive a drain to remove excess fluid and be removed within a few days, and during drainage it may be necessary to take antibiotics to prevent inflammation.

The risks after surgery are the same as with all major surgeries. There is a risk of bleeding, infection, reaction to anaesthesia, accumulation of fluid under the skin which can be reduced by draining the area. It is possible for part of the tissue to be damaged during the procedure, as well as to change the sensitivity of the operated area if the nerves on that body are involved, but this usually disappears through recovery.

Patient experiences after abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the surgical process by which the separated abdominal muscles can be repaired, excess skin can be removed, and regional fat can be reduced, resulting in a firmer, flatter, more youthful, and more beautiful midsection contour. Abdominoplasty will also address health issues because this procedure strengthens the abdominal wall. The result of the procedure is long-lasting, following the instructions for recovery and maintaining a stable weight.

The price of abdominoplasty

Džepina Clinic offers its patients several methods of payment. See the price of the correction of sagging abdominal skin, as well as the prices of all other procedures in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after abdominoplasty

Photographs before and after the surgical correction of sagging abdominal skin clearly demonstrate effectiveness of  abdominoplasty procedure, performed in Džepina clinic, in creating a flatter more toned and sculptured abdominal area.


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