What is calf correction surgery

Calf contour correction has become a sought-after procedure by men and women alike. Whether you want your calves to pop beneath your tea-length cocktail dress or want your calf definition to match the muscular build of your upper body, calf implants can give you the lower legs you desire. It improves not only in the volume of the main calf muscle but also its shape and positioning.

In Džepina Clinic, aesthetic correction of the calves is performed using two methods; adipose tissue transplantation or implants.

Who are the candidates for lower leg correction surgery

Candidates for calf contour surgery are persons who have congenital deformities in the lower leg area, have suffered post-traumatic injuries resulting in muscle atrophy or want to aesthetically correct their calves because they are not satisfied with their appearance, volume and contour.

Patients in Džepina Clinic request calf contour correction in order to improve the shape and size of the calves and to enhance and improve the proportions of the legs.

Calf contour correction surgery

Before the operation, Dr. Džepina informs the patient about all preoperative tests that are necessary for the operation. In addition to a detailed explanation of the operative course, patients also receive information on the course of postoperative recovery. After taking a detailed medical history and physical examination, the patient prepares for the appointment of the agreed procedure. Dr Džepina will recommend the optimal surgical procedure that is best suited to meet your physical ideal.

Calf contour correction surgery is most commonly performed under general anaesthesia. The incision is made on the back of the lower leg in a natural crease behind the knee so as to ensure almost imperceptible visibility. Through the incision, the implants are placed in the planned position, and the sutures close the incision and the operated area is secured with a tight medical bandage that holds the implants in place and ensures adequate postoperative recovery. When calf contour is corrected using patient’s own fat tissue, liposuction is performed to obtain fat from other parts of the body (abdomen, thighs, etc.). Adipose tissue is then prepared and enriched with stem cells and then injected through special thin tubes (cannulas) into the calves.

Recovery after calf correction surgery

The patient will be encouraged to walk immediately after surgery with stockings. The stockings will require to be worn for 2- 3 weeks after surgery. Walking will be slightly uncomfortable for few days. Wearing high heel often helps with pain. You will have some pain killers to go home with. You will be able to go back to work within 3-5 days as long as it does not require long distance walking, running, or heavy lifting. It is important to avoid more intense physical activity and sports for 6 to 8 weeks.

Patient experiences after lower leg correction surgery

Calf correction surgery is a procedure meant to enhance the calf muscle to give the lower leg a more balanced and refined shape. This type of surgery is widely considered to be a safe and effective surgery with very satisfying results

Patients after calf correction surgery in Džepina Clinic can see the results immediately after surgery, and the final result is visible in approximately 6 weeks depending on the patient. Thanks to this procedure patients have toned and shapely lower legs, improved body symmetry and increased confidence wearing clothing such as shorts or swimsuits.

The cost of lower leg correction surgery

Džepina Clinic offers patients several payment methods in order to choose the one that suits them best. See the price of the lower leg correction procedure, as well as the prices of all services in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after lower leg correction surgery

Before and after photographs of patients following calf correction surgery in Džepina Clinic demonstrate of how successful and effective this type surgery is.


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