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What is breast asymmetry surgery

Breast asymmetry is a condition when there is a difference between the breasts in their size, shape or position on the chest. There may also be differences in the size and shape of the nipples and areola of the breast. There are numerous variations in the type and degree of asymmetry. Sometimes the differences are very small or almost imperceptible and then breast asymmetry is not a problem for self-confidence and no surgery is needed. When it comes to a more significant asymmetry, the solution is in the aesthetic correction of breast asymmetry.

In Džepina Clinic, breast Asymmetry Correction plastic surgery can be performed to make the breasts significantly more symmetrical.

Who are the candidates for breast asymmetry surgery

Breasts can be naturally asymmetric in women in whom such a phenomenon is genetically determined. Asymmetry can also occur due to hormonal changes during puberty or during the later years after pregnancy or menopause. Candidates are patients who are not satisfied with their appearance due to asymmetric breasts, and have realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved with surgery.

Candidates for surgery are women of all ages who desire better breast symmetry and improved breast contour. They should be in good physical and mental health, with reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection.

Correction of breast asymmetry procedure

Each case of breast asymmetry is different, and asymmetry correction methods are almost as numerous as variations in type and degree of asymmetry. Solving this problem should be approached individually. To successfully correct asymmetry, it is necessary to possess technical skill, experience and a sense of body harmony.

All available methods should be used in the surgical correction of breast asymmetry. When there is only a difference in size, correction can be made with different size implants (insert a link to breast augmentation surgery) to adjust the difference in their size. If the position of the larger breast is low, it is necessary to lift ptotic breast in order to achieve a better result and symmetry. (insert link to breast lift surgery) In case the patient wants to reduce the breast, which is larger, then the asymmetry of the breast is resolved with breast reduction surgery. (insert link to breast reduction surgery). Very often it is necessary to combine different techniques.

There is also a rare congenital anomaly resulting in breast asymmetry – Poland’s syndrome, the cause of which is unknown. A characteristic of this syndrome is the underdevelopment or absence of pectoral muscle on one side of the body, absence of glandular tissue, and smaller nipple. In addition, the shoulder and arm are often less developed on that side. For milder cases, aesthetic breast surgery is sufficient, and in severe cases of Poland syndrome, other reconstructive surgical techniques are needed to address all the consequences of this anomaly.

Recovery after breast asymmetry surgery

Recovery after breast asymmetry surgery depends on the type of procedure and is quite individual. Patient can return to light activities after few days. Complete recovery after correction of breast asymmetry is expected after four to six weeks.

Patient experiences after breast asymmetry surgery

Correction of breast asymmetry will result in improved balance in breast shape and size, it is easier to find clothing that fits evenly across your chest, greater sense of comfort and self-esteem while quality of life is significantly improved.

Dr. Džepina will make recommendations and provide the information necessary to make the best breast surgery decision to meet your goals which will enable you to enjoy a new, more beautiful appearance of your breasts.

The cost of breast asymmetry surgery

Džepina clinic provides patients with more payment options. The price of the breast asymmetry surgery procedure is available in the price list of the Džepina Clinic where the prices of all other procedures performed are also included.

Actual results after breast asymmetry surgery

Photographs of patients before and after operation illustrate significant changes that can be achieved with aesthetic correction of breast asymmetry in Džepina Clinic.


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