What is breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty

The size, shape and proportions of a woman’s breasts can significantly affect her own body image and sense of femininity. When the breasts are too big, they represent not only an aesthetic problem but also a functional one. Oversized breasts can result in neck and back pain, a feeling of pressure when breathing, and create difficulty in performing daily activities as well as exercise.

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to achieve the ideal breast size that will not cause unwanted health problems, and will be more aesthetically pleasing. Excess glandular and fat tissues are removed during surgery but in addition to that, breasts have to be reshaped to have naturally beautiful form. Dr Džepina will help you to choose the right surgical technique in order to achieve a perfect balance between the breasts and the rest of the body with breast size that is best suited to you.

Who are the candidates for breast reduction surgery

Candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their oversized breasts, or have health problems resulting from large breasts and suffer back, neck and shoulder pain. Due to oversized breasts, women often have poor posture, breathing problems, problems with choosing an adequate bra that will provide them with sufficient support. Women can also experience skin irritation in the inframammary fold.

Women who opt for breast reduction surgery want to have smaller beautifully shaped breasts and eliminate health problems associated with large breasts. These patients very often think about this procedure over period of several years and are often exposed to unwanted attention associated with large breasts. Women with extremely large breasts feel self-conscious and are often quite embarrassed about their breasts. Breast reduction can be truly life-changing and will significantly improve the quality of life.

Dr Džepina will provide patients with comprehensive information about breast reduction surgery and he will guide the patients through each step of this procedure.

Breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction is a procedure that consists of reducing breast tissue, reshaping and lifting glandular tissue, and correcting the position of the nipple, in order to achieve a satisfactory final result; smaller breasts in proportion to your own body.

Breast reduction surgery lasts 2.5 to 3.5 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. It is technically much more demanding than breast augmentation, and there are several techniques that are generally used. The choice of proper surgical technique depends on the surgeon’s assessment and the specifics of the case. Depending on each individual case, an incision is made after which excess breast tissue, skin and fat are removed to reduce the volume of the oversized breasts. In addition to breast reduction, it is necessary to reposition the nipples and areolas at the same time in order to achieve better shape, form and projection of the breasts.

At the end of the operation, the incisions are closed with fine sutures under the skin, so these sutures will dissolve on their own and they do not need to be removed. In the postoperative period patients must wear compression bra, which will facilitate recovery after surgery.

Recovery after breast reduction surgery

After breast reduction in Džepina Clinic, patients are recommended to wear a medical supportive bra for 6 weeks, which will help to minimise swelling and ensure proper recovery. Some swelling and bruising is normal in the postoperative period and this will gradually disappear during recovery. Pain medication will be prescribed as necessary.

Return to light activities is possible after a few days, this will depend on how the patient feel, which is quite individual. For more intense activities and exercise, you should wait 6 weeks until the initial healing process is underway.

Patient experiences after breast reduction surgery

Women of all ages choose breast reduction to gain freedom from the physical and emotional burden of large breasts. Breast reduction will result in smaller, nicely shaped breasts that are in better proportion with the body. This procedure can also help to alleviate the discomfort associated with excessively large breasts, such as neck, back, and shoulder pain.

The cost of breast reduction surgery

Džepina Clinic provides patients with different payment methods. See the prices of all procedures, as well as the prices of breast reduction surgery in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after breast reduction surgery

The best example of how much cosmetic surgery today is able to transform the appearance is evident from the photographs before and after the procedure. After breast reduction, your breasts look beautiful, with a better shape, a more aesthetically pleasing cleavage, and lighter breasts finally do not cause problems for patients in everyday life.


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