operacija kapaka blefaroplastika

What is eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

Facial skin changes with age, and the earliest signs of ageing are seen around the eyes because eyelid skin is particularly sensitive. Aesthetic corrections can effectively refresh the appearance, and one such option is eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Patients at Džepina Clinic decide to have eyelid surgery in order to give their face a refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Eyelid surgery removes drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes and reduces excess fat, muscle and skin around the eyes. In this way, patients get a more rested, rejuvenated face and a more balanced appearance of the eyes, this surgery can also improve the  problem of visual impairment. Blepharoplasty is not for patients who want to remove dark rings, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes or correct lowered eyebrows. Dr. Džepina can recommend other procedures for those problems.

Patients who want to further rejuvenate their face can also perform other procedures in combination with blepharoplasty, which will further improve the overall appearance. The doctor may recommend forehead lifting to such patients, which raises the eyebrows and refreshes the appearance of the forehead. It is possible to combine the procedure with the removal of wrinkles around the eyes by a non-invasive method such as highly sought after and safe dermal fillers, Botox or chemical peels. Patients of Džepina Clinic receive all the information about the synergistic effect of different procedures which achieve a more complete and lasting effect.

Who are the candidates for eyelid surgery

The ageing process is different in different persons and depends on many factors. Not all people age equally and not everyone has the same skin. Some have genetically lowered eyelids and more pronounced eyelids, some due to the natural ageing process and everything is individual. Candidates for eyelid surgery are people with drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes that make them look more tired, older, and in addition to that, drooping eyelids can interfere with vision.

Whether you are a candidate for eyelid surgery will be best assessed by a doctor in Džepina Clinic, where you can arrange for a consultation.

Eyelid surgery procedure

The very beginning of every procedure in Džepina Clinic begins with a consultation. During the first consultation, patients eyes are carefully evaluated, the condition of the eyes, the formation of tears, dry eyes, whether patients wear lenses and how they tolerate them are detected. Patients medical history is taken and they receive complete information about the possibilities and limitations of blepharoplasty. The age of the patient, the type of skin, as well as the condition of the eyesight are also important for eyelid surgery. After the doctor shares all the important information with the patient and the patient decides to have the procedure, the patient will also receive information about the details of the surgical technique, anaesthesia and possible risks.

Dr. Džepina draws lines on the skin of patients before upper eyelid surgery in order for the scar to fit as much as possible into the existing natural furrows. After that, an incision is made on the skin, excess fat, muscle and skin are removed. The incision is closed with delicate, thin sutures to completely reduce the visibility of the scar.

Lower eyelid surgery begins with an incision located just below the lash line in the skin furrow that stands out with laughter. Excess muscle and fat are then removed along with the skin. The incision is closed with fine, thin sutures so that it is not visible after recovery. The lower eyelid can also be operated on by incision through the conjunctiva if the main problem is excess fat. In this case, the incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid and the excess fat is removed. This incision is completely invisible after surgery.

Eyelid surgery takes 1-2 hours. In the end, it is not necessary to completely cover the eyes, but it is recommended to put antibiotic ointment on the operated area or drops to prevent dryness of the cornea. After the operation, patients experience swelling and bruising, which is inevitable with this type of procedure. It is recommended to put cold-packs, lift the headboard to facilitate and speed up recovery. If necessary, the doctor can recommend certain medications for easier recovery.

Recovery after eyelid surgery

Before and after eyelid surgery, the patient receives instructions and it is necessary to follow them in order for the operation to have a full effect. Sutures are removed 6-7 days after surgery, and approximately 7-10 days the operated area should be cleaned with a mild antiseptic (it is possible to feel dryness, itching and pressure in that area). The doctor recommends which drops can be instilled into the eyes during postoperative care and gives instructions on which activities to avoid for the next few weeks.

Experiences of patients after eyelid surgery

Patients after eyelid surgery have a refreshed and rejuvenated and look whose effect seems natural and lasts a long time.

The cost of eyelid surgery

Džepina Clinic with a team of experts provides patients with a more beautiful appearance and more self-confidence with each procedure. You can find the price of the eyelid surgery service as well as the prices for all other procedures in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after eyelid surgery

The best recommendation for the patients considering blepharoplasty procedure are photographs of patients before and after surgery. Thanks to this operation, patients are more refreshed and rested with a rejuvenating effect.


Talk openly with someone who understands you and make an informed decision.
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Simply through this conversation, you can realise what is really “normal” and what can be the realistic outcome of the operation.

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