What is  BOTOX®

In Džepina Clinic treatment with BOTOX® is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in facial rejuvenation. Treatment with Botox is extremely effective, quick, and easy, and there is no downtime.

BOTOX® has been used for decades and has an impeccable safety record following tens of millions of treatments. First safely used in children and young adults as a direct relaxer of muscle action, it’s indications and FDA approvals have expanded to include the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles due to muscle actions among others.  BOTOX® contains botulinum toxin, there are other brands that use this toxin but BOTOX® is the most popular brand.

Botulinum toxin acts by temporarily relaxing the muscles residing under the skin, the surface appears smoother, softer, and younger. Common to all brands is that they are used to relax the muscles that lead to wrinkles.

BOTOX® is ideal for treating crow’s feet, frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, worry lines around the mouth, lines on either side of the nose, and lines or bands on the neck for a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. BOTOX® may also be used to treat migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and muscle spasms of the eyes and neck. BOTOX® is also an excellent method for treatment of excessive sweating.

Candidates for BOTOX® treatment

Candidates for BOTOX® are women and men who have visible signs of ageing and want to effectively rejuvenate their appearance. The right time for BOTOX® can be even before the appearance of larger wrinkles because BOTOX® also has a preventive effect, preventing the formation of new wrinkles, as well as acting on the alleviation of existing ones. That is why BOTOX® can be started in the 20s if there is a need, which is best assessed by the doctor in accordance with the wishes of the patients.

BOTOX® treatment procedure

During the initial consultation, an assessment will be made to determine the appropriate amount of BOTOX® to be used. Wrinkle location, depth, and quantity will help determine the appropriate dosage. Most patients require anywhere between 25 and 50 units of the medication. During the treatment, the forehead will be marked with a washable pencil as a guide to where the injections will go. In Džepina Clinic, a very small 33-gauge needle is used to minimise the discomfort. Discomfort is minimal and, although it is rarely needed, can be controlled with topicals and/or cold compression.

The whole procedure lasts 10 to 15 minutes and a return to regular activities is possible immediately. The risks with BOTOX® are minimal. It is important to choose a doctor who is experienced int this procedure, but in rare cases, eyebrow or eyelid position disorders can occur due to individual variability in anatomy and muscle function. If this happens, more treatments are done to achieve a completely satisfactory effect.

Recovery after BOTOX® procedure

Swelling and bruising rarely occur after BOTOX®, but as with any injection procedure, it is possible. Mild to moderate headaches may occur within 24 hours of treatment, which is normal. BOTOX® injections are performed after the identification of anatomic landmarks and muscle activity, and the injections take only minutes to administer. There is no downtime after BOTOX®, and one can return to work and most social activities within 30 to 60 minute and it is only necessary to avoid exercise 24 hours after treatment.

Patient experiences after BOTOX®

The effects of BOTOX® become noticeable in about two to three days, the full effect in about seven days, and the duration of action about three months. Botox effects generally last about three months, however this may be shorter or longer depending upon the individual, the areas treated, and the BOTOX® treatment dose.

Once you start having BOTOX® injections, you should typically need to maintain your results by having your treatments every four to six months. Many of our patients enjoy up to six months of wrinkle free skin whilst others only need to visit our clinic every 12 months to maintain their results.

The price of BOTOX®

Džepina Clinic offers patients several payment methods adapted to different possibilities. See the price of Botox, as well as other procedures in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after BOTOX®

The most natural and beautiful outcomes with BOTOX® treatment require meticulous attention to detail, technical finesse, vast experience and aesthetic talent so choose your doctor carefully.


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