What is labia correction surgery or labiaplasty

With the development of modern cosmetic surgery, intimate cosmetic surgery procedures in Džepina Clinic are increasingly sought after. One of the procedures aimed to improve the appearance of intimate parts in women is the correction of labia or labiaplasty. It is a procedure that corrects oversized or deformed labia to improve the appearance of the intimate area.

Women with large labia minora, which are the inner vaginal lips, may have a condition called labia minora hypertrophy which can be genetic or a result of ageing, weight loss or childbirth. If inner labia droop below the labia majora, or outer lips, they can become irritated by certain clothing or cause discomfort during physical activities. Women may also seek labiaplasty to feel more confident in their bodies.

Who are the candidates for labia correction

Candidates for labia correction are women who wish to: reduce labia size, achieve more symmetrical labia, restore confidence following childbirth, alleviate discomfort during intimacy, eliminate irritation during exercise and day-to-day activities, rejuvenate labia that sag due to weight loss or the effects of age, relieve pain caused by labia chafing or catching in certain clothing

Labia correction procedure

A consultation is the first step in the process of labiaplasty surgery. Dr. Džepina will perform an exam, review your medical history, and discuss your goals and expectations. Dr. Džepina will answer any questions you have and, if you decide to proceed with labiaplasty, will develop your personalised treatment plan. Labiaplasty can safely be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

Excess labial tissue is trimmed and removed, after which the labia are reshaped. When reshaping, Dr. Džepina has in mind the need for a proportional appearance of the labia. The reshaping achieves a symmetrical, natural and beautiful look that patients will be happy with. Incisions on the labia are closed with delicate biodegradable sutures that do not need to be removed.

Recovery after labia surgery

Most patients take a week off from work after a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, during which they can reduce swelling and pain by icing with a cold pack sandwiched between the patient’s underpants and an elastic garment. This can be done “twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off.” The patient can also lie with her bottom elevated to reduce swelling. Patients can resume wearing tampons or having intercourse after four to six weeks. Trim labiaplasty generally allows for a quicker recovery. While the most distorting swelling is gone by 6 weeks, residual swelling may take six months to disappear.

In the early postoperative phase, moderate pain, swelling and tenderness of the intimate part may occur. Bleeding and inflammation are rare and precautions are needed to reduce the risk.

Experiences of patients after labia correction

Patients after labia correction enjoy greater pleasure during sexual intercourse because they are more relaxed and happier because of the appearance of their intimate parts. The actual results of this surgery reflect the overall satisfaction with the appearance and improve the quality of life and relationships.

The cost of labia correction surgery

Džepina Clinic provides patients with more payment options in order to choose the way that suits them best. See the price of labia correction, as well as all prices of services in the price list of the Džepina Clinic.

Actual results after labia correction surgery

Labiaplasty typically results in shorter labia that no longer hang down below the level of the hair-bearing labia majora. Most patients who experienced symptoms from twisting and tugging of their labia generally find relief after surgery. According to multiple studies, vaginal rejuvenation surgery is associated with a high satisfaction rate.


Talk openly with someone who understands you and make an informed decision.
Dr. Dzepina's goal is to make you feel good in your body.
Simply through this conversation, you can realise what is really “normal” and what can be the realistic outcome of the operation.

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